Case Studies - Pest Elite
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Case Studies

Pest Elite Services & Photos

Bird Management Services   Stopping birds with Netting Netting off a loading dock awning where birds were roosting & nesting. Droppings can contaminate food products and also contain acids which corrode all type of materials & surfaces including car duco….

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Some Case Studies – Termites

These are photos of original photos taken before digital cameras were widely available Enormous termite colony under dining room – Bondi 1985. Entire flooring and roofing throughout the whole home had been destroyed by termites (even furniture) The home was…

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About Cockroach Treatments

German Cockroaches in particular breed inside kitchen appliances. Cockroaches are removed from the appliances in a specific way to avoid damage or malfunction   Cockroach monitoring traps full of German Roaches    /     Poor Cleaning & Sanitation attract roaches…

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Termite Jobs

The importance of having regular thorough timber pest inspections done by an experienced & qualified pest inspector cannot be under-estimated A Large 2 level, slab on ground homestead infested with termites The termites had come through the block wall and…

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